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SRD 2018

Spring Research Day (SRD) is an annual all-day, university-wide symposium that showcases the work of graduate students. This year, Spring Research Day was held from 9:00am to 4:00 pm in Walter Library 402 on the University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus.

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Our 2018 SRD keynote speaker was Dr. Tobias Egner PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Duke University. Dr. Egner's lab examines human adaptive behavior and cognitive control using behavioral, computational, neuroimaging, and neuro-stimulation techniques.

"Learning Cognitive Control: Mechanisms of Adapting Attentional Set to Changing Demands"


When routine behavior runs into trouble, “cognitive control” processes are recruited to bring information processing in line with current demands. For instance, encountering an almost-accident on our commute will reinforce our attentional focus on the traffic and away from the radio. How does the brain accomplish this? In this talk, I will present behavioral, neuroimaging, and neurostimulation data that delineate the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying our ability to adapt to changing task demands. Specifically, I will present a “control learning” perspective that views cognitive control as being guided by associative learning mechanisms, exploiting statistical regularities in our environment to anticipate the need for control. Control learning not only adapts attentional sets to changing demands over time but can also directly associate appropriate top-down attentional states with specific bottom-up cues, and even transfer them across linked stimuli. This type of learning holds the promise of combining the speed of automatic processing with the flexibility of controlled processing, and could form the basis of novel interventions in clinical conditions that involve impaired cognitive control.

Spring Research Day features talks and posters by graduate students in the field of Cognitive Science.

Admission is free - All are welcome to attend.


Updated April 23, 2018