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spring research day

Spring Research Day 2010

Friday, March 5 at the Weisman Art Museum (9:30- 4:00)

Featuring Morton Ann Gernsbacher and James Haxby as invited speakers (titles, abstracts and times below). Light catered lunch (12:15 - 1:00) Student talks throughout the day and a poster session from 2:40-3:25


  1. Blackman, R. Development of a cellular model for schizophrenia context processing deficits.
  2. Blank, M., Biga, R. N., & Marsolek, C. J. Where you look affects visually specific memory.
  3. Bordes, V. Consequences of prematurity confounds treatment decisions in adrenoleukodystrophy.
  4. Bordes, V. Differentiating psychosocial and health-related quality of life for children following hematopoietic cell transplant for ALL or AML.
  5. Boschler, T. Sensory and cognitive predictors of reading speed in children.
  6. Chesley, P. Revisiting adult new word learning: Acronyms, blends, derivations, and the party effect.
  7. Clinton, V., Seipel, B., O'Brien, E., & van den Broek, P.  Taking a second look: How readers process global inconsistencies in narrative texts.
  8. Corrow, S. The convexity assumption: Infants use knowledge of objects to interpret static monocular information by 5 months.
  9. Cowell, J. Ego depletion in children.
  10. Fulvio, J. Predicting the specificity of learning.
  11. Green, C. S., Kersten, D., & Schrater, P. The role of aspiration in human decision making.
  12. Qin, X., Koutstaal, W., Ahluwalia, R., & Engel, S. Familiar brand logos show an advantage in crowding and visual search tasks.
  13. Romero, R.  The effects of HIV on the neurodevelopment of Ugandan pre-school aged children.
  14. Schleisman, K., Olson, M., Landi, N., & Marsolek, C. J.  Long-term cross-modal priming is accompanied by antipriming.
  15. Steele, V., Bernat, E. M., Schoeppner, W. L., & Patrick, C. J. Using time-frequency analysis to disentangle processes in a cued Go/No-Go task.
  16. Wicklund, M. Referring expressions in persons with Autism.
  17. Wikenheiser, A. M., & Redish, A. D. A behavioral task to dissociate spatial and non-spatial contingencies
  18. Yost, T. Measurement of implicit gender processing with ERP pattern classification.
  19. Yu, Y. Role of active locomotion on affordance perception
  20. Steiner, A.P. & Redish, A.D. Orbitofrontal Cortex Activity During a Multiple-T Task
  21. White, R.E. & Carlson, S.M. Facilitative effects of pretense on inhibitory control: A priming study

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