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Victoria Interrante, PhD
Computer Science & Engineering

Associate Director
Jeanette Gundel, PhD
Professor, Linguistics

Fall Institute


Fall Institute 2015

Research Overviews from CCS Faculty: "Building Connections"

Thursday, November 19, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
402 Walter Library – University of Minnesota – Twin Cities Campus

Fall Institute 2015 featured mini–presentations by 25 CCS faculty members representing Psychology, Neuroscience, Linguistics, Child Development, Computer Science & Engineering, Economics, Kinesiology, Educational Psychology, and Ecology, Evolution and Behavior.

Victoria Interrante – Computer Science
"Virtual Reality"

Daniel Kersten – Psychology
Allen Levine – Food Science and Nutrition
"Why we can't stop eating"
Apostolos P. Georgopoulos – Neuroscience
"Brain Mechanisms of Cognitive Processes"
Cheryl Olman – Psychology
"Does fMRI measure useful things?"
Andrew Oxenham – Psychology & Otolaryngology
"Auditory Perception"
Steve Engel – Psychology
"Adult Visual Plasticity"
Maria Sera – Child Development
"Language Learning and Cognition"
Sashank Varma – Educational Psychology
"Good Old-Fashioned Cognitive Science"
Jonathan Gewirtz – Psychology & Neuroscience
"Modeling Social Cognition in Mice"
Colin DeYoung – Psychology
"Personality Neuroscience"
Aldo Rustichini – Economics
"Intelligence and Strategic Behavior"
David Stephens – Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
"Experimental Evolution of Learning"
Panayiota Kendeou – Educational Psychology
'Learning to Read' and 'Reading to Learn'
David Redish – Neuroscience
"The importance of understanding neural processes in cognition for putting the 'neuro' into neuroeconomics"
Megan Gunnar – Child Development
"Human Developmental Psychobiology Laboratory"
Gordon Legge – Psychology Vision research
"The Impact of Impaired Vision on Reading and Mobility"
Jürgen Konczak – Kinesiology
Geoffrey Ghose – Neuroscience
"The Physiology of Self-Help: neuronal mechanisms of attention and learning"
Matt Chafee – Neuroscience
Wilma Koutstaal – Psychology
"Our Innovating Minds: How So?"
Angus MacDonald – Psychology
"Functional Connectivity: Neurometrics and Plasticity"
Jeanette Gundel – Linguistics
"Linguistics and Cognitive Science"


Welcome to new CCS Members

Full Predoctoral Members

Jenny Yun–Chen Chan – Child Development
Dominic Mussack – Psychology
Windy Torgerud – Cognitive Science

Undergraduate Member

Ailin Deng – Psychology

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