University Relations

spring 2019 Colloquia

Mondays 3:30 - 5:00pm, Elliott Hall S204

Monday, February 18,

Jon Kelly, Iowa State University
Department of Psychology and Human Computer Interaction graduate program

"Spatial cognitive implications of teleporting through virtual environments"

The most natural way to explore a virtual environment is to walk and turn, but physical walking is often not possible due to technological limitations and space limitations. Therefore, teleporting has become a popular interface, whereby the user points a virtual laser pointer to the desired location in the virtual environment and is then directly transported to that location. However, teleporting lacks body-based cues normally associated with walking, and these cues are known to support certain aspects of navigation. I will describe several experiments which evaluate the effects of teleporting on navigation and identify ways to help users stay oriented when teleporting.


February 11 - Colloquium cancelled this week.