University Relations

Spring 2007 Colloquia

January 18 Maria Sera, Institute of Child Development
"Count-Mass Syntax and Categorization:  Current State and Future Questions"
January 25 Michael Georgieff, Pediatrics and Child Development
"Iron and the developing brain"
February 1 Kamil Ugurbil, Radiology, Neuroscience, and Medicine
"Brain Imaging Using Nuclear Spins and High Magnetic Fields"
February 8 Noel Zahler, School of Music
"Playing in time: Score following and understanding aspects of musical performance"
February 15 Giuseppe Pellizzer, Neuroscience
"On the use of information in planning a motor response"
February 22 John Dickhaut, Carlson School of Management
"Cognitive Development in the Context of Poverty "
March 1

Juergen Konczak, Kinesiology
"Body awareness in basal ganglia disease"

March 8 Nikos Papanikolopoulos, Computer Science and Engineering
"Distributed Robotic Teams"

March 22 Elissaios Karageorgiou
Department of Neuroscience and Brain Sciences Center
"Synchronous Neural Interactions: A Possible Functional Biomarker of Brain Disorders"
March 29
Apostolos Georgopoulos, Brain Sciences Center
"Encoding by neurons, decoding by neuronal populations."
(John Peponis lecture cancelled owing to illness)
April 5 Barry Gordon, Cognitive Neurology/Neuropsychology
Johns Hopkins University
"Applied Cognitive Neuroscience: Teaching speech to the nonverbal"
No Colloquium
April 19 John Soechting, Neuroscience
"Intercepting targets: Eye-hand coordination and strategies"
April 26 Joseph P. Stemberger
Department of Linguistics, University of British Columbia
"Word-specific vs. system-general storage of information for language production"
May 3 Liz Romanski, Neurobiology and Anatomy
University of Rochester
"Representation and Integration of Audio-Visual Communication Information in the Prefrontal Cortex"