University Relations

Spring 2009 Colloquia

February 19
  Paul Harris, Harvard
"Magic and Miracles"
January 22
  Geoffrey Ghose, UMN
Neuroscience and CMRR

"The neuronal basis of visual attention"

February 5
  Matt Chafee, UMN
"Neuronal correlates of abstract spatial representation"
February 12
  Mike Wilson, UMN
"Costs and benefits of violence in chimpanzees”
March 5
  Sashank Varma, UMN
Educational Psychology
March 12
  Amber Martin, UMN
Child Development
Two Studies of Age-of-Acquisition Effects in ASL: Effects of ASL on Mental Rotation, and Effects of Video Rotation on Processing of ASL.
April 2
  Nicole Landi, UMN
Educational Psychology, Learning & cognition, MITER
"fMRI Investigations of Specific Reading Disability in Adolescents"
April 9
  Maria Gini, UMN
Elect. Engineering & Computer Science, AI, Robotics
"Building segment-based maps with a team of robots"
April 16
  Jeremy Loebach, Macalester College
Cognitive Neuroscience
"Perceptual learning of spectrally degraded speech"
April 23
  Robert Kluender, UCSD
"Reassessing Language Event-Related Brain Potentials"
April 30
  Leonard Green, Washington U
"Delay Discounting by Humans and Other Animals: Does the Species Matter?"
May 7
  Monica Luciana, UMN
Prefrontal, Development