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FALL 2017 Colloquia

Mondays, 12:00 - 1:30 pm, Elliott N219 - (New day of the week, time and room for Fall 2017)

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September 18

Sheng He, Psychology

"Studying Human Vision using Invisible Images"



September 25

Paul Schrater, Psychology and Computer Science and Engineering



October 2

Hyun Soo Park. Computer Science and Engineering

"Towards Learning Skills from First Person Demonstration"


Abstract & Bio

We learn sophisticated skills, e.g., cooking, forehand stroke, and social signaling, from demonstrations of others. A first person camera that records such actions in situ opens up a new opportunity to computationally analyze subtle skills, and further train personalized robots. In this talk, I will present my team effort to measure, model, and predict physical/social skills revealed in a first person video. (1) A person exerts his/her intention through applying physical force and torque to scenes and objects, which effects in visual sensation. We leverage the first person visual sensation to precisely compute force and torque that the first person experienced by integrating visual semantics, 3D reconstruction, and inverse optimal control. Such visual sensation also allows associating with our past experiences that eventually provide a strong cue to predict future activities. (2) When interacting with other people, social attention is a medium that controls group behaviors, e.g., how they form a group and move. We learn the geometric and visual relationship between group behaviors and social attention measured from first person cameras. Based on the learned relationship, we derive a predictive model to localize social attention from third person view. (3) At last, I will introduce a new multiview camera system that produces unprecedented pixel density for measuring skill performance.

Hyun Soo Park is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, the University of Minnesota. He is interested in understanding human visual sensorimotor behaviors from first person cameras. Prior to the UMN, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow in GRASP Lab at University of Pennsylvania. He earned his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University.


Relevant papers:
Park, Hwang, and Shi, "Force from Motion: Decoding Physical Sensation from a First Person Video", CVPR 2016

Park and Shi, "Social Saliency Prediction", CVPR 2015

Park, Hwang, Niu, and Shi, "Egocentric Future Localization", CVPR 2016


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