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Spring 2010 Cognitive Science Colloquia

photo of David StephensJanuary 28
David Stephens, Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior
"The evolutionary economics of information use: From simple signals to learning".


photo of Victoria InterranteFebruary 4
Victoria Interrante, Computer Science & Engineering
"Self-embodiment in immersive virtual environments: effects on presence and performance"

photo of Vladimir CherkasskyFebruary 11
Vladimir Cherkassky, Electrical and Computer Engineering
"Predictive data modeling and the nature of scientific discovery"

photo of Alan LevineFebruary 18
Alan Levine, College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences
"Why we can't stop eating: A neuro–speculative approach."

photo of Travis ThompsonFebruary 25
Travis Thompson, Educational Psychology. Pediatrics:
" Autism: Early intervention and brain development"





spring research dayphoto of Morton Ann Gernsbacherphoto of Jim V. Haxby March 5
Spring Research Day at the Weisman Art Museum. Registered students attend at least one presentation. External speakers: Morton Ann Gernsbacher (UW- Madison) and Jim Haxby (Dartmouth College)

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photo of Michael PotegalMarch 11
Michael Potegal, Pediatric Neurology
"The time course of anger and aggression: Is Short Term Potentiation a physiological mechanism of escalation?"

photo of Al Yonasphoto of Sherryse CorrowMarch 25
Al Yonas & Sherryse Corrow, Child Development,

"The development of the ability to represent object shape from static cues in infants."

"Beginning the study of developmental prosopanosia (inability to remember faces) in children."


photo of Juergen Konczak May 6
Jürgen Konczak, Kinesiology