University Relations

Fall 2008 Colloquia

Sept. 4

Apostolos Georgopoulos

"Informative neural interactions"

Sept. 11

Michael Potegal, Pediatrics

"A novel, quantitative, behaviorally-based model of anger in children's tantrums

Sept. 18

CCS 2008 Institute
"Understanding Others: Attributing Mental States."
Johnson Great Hall in the McNamara Center
Co-organized by Dr. Jeanette Gundel and Dr. Maria Sera


Sept. 22
Nicholson 155

Tetsuro Matsuzawa, Kyoto University

"Chimpanzee mind: studies in the field and the laboratory"

Oct. 2

Cheryl Olman, Psychology

"High-field and high-resolution fMRI: what can we learn about brains?"

Oct. 16

Dr. Don Hodges, University of North Carolina - Greensboro.
Music Research Institute | Hodges' Neuromusical research

"What's Going on in There? Peeking into the Musical Brain"
Folwell Hall 134
(note location change for this week)

Oct. 23

John Rieser, Vanderbilt University

"The Perception and Representation of Human Locomotion:  Theory and Applications"

Oct. 30

Wade Savage, Philosophy, University of Minnesota
"Illusions, Perceptions, and Thoughts: A theory of everything"


Nov. 6

Yael Niv, Princeton University
"Better safe than sorry? Neural prediction errors reveal subjective risk sensitivity"

Nov. 13

Chris Patrick, Psychology

"Moving from multivariate psychometric phenotypes to multivariate psychophysiological endophenotypes"

Nov. 20

Daniel Kersten, Psychology

"How Big is it?"

Dec. 4

Julia Manor, Psychology
"Remember When: The search for episodic memory in animals"