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Fall 2007 Colloquia

 December 6 Brain imaging: A panel discussion

Cheryl Olman, Ed Bernat,  Matt Chafee, Patricia Pardo, and David Redish

Wilson, M. A. & McNaughton, B. L. (1993).  Dynamics of the hippocampal
ensemble code for space. Science 261:1055.

Stephan, K. E., Harrison, L. M., Penny, W. D & Friston, K. J. (2004).
Biophysical models of fMRI responses. Current Opinion in Neurobiology,
14, 629.

The following 3  from APS Observer, (2006):
Christy Nicholson, "Thinking it Over: fMRI and Psychological Science" (primary article, pp 20 - 25)

Carole Wade, "Some Cautions about Jumping on the Brain-Scan Bandwagon"
(short inset, pp 23-24)

Tor D. Wagner, "Do We Need to Study the Brain to Understand the Mind?"
(long inset, pp 25 - 27)

 November 29 Jonathan Gewirtz, Psychology
Matt Kushner, Psychiatry
"Extinction of fear and anxiety: From bench to bedside."
 November 15 Al Yonas, Child Development
"The development of visual space perception"
 November 8 David Stephens, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
"Structured Propositions as Types"
 November 1 Aldo Rustichini, Economics
"Dominance and Competition"
 October 25 Travis Thompson, Pediatrics
"Prader Wiili Syndrome and Autism: Searching for Endophenotypes"
 October 18 William Beeman, Anthropology
"The Neurobiology of Opera"
 October 11 Peter Hanks, Philosophy
"Structured Propositions as Types"
 October 4 Steve Engel, Psychology
"Timing of Visual Attention Measured with Functional MRI"
 September 27

Andrew Oxenham, Psychology
"Surveying the soundscape: Studies in auditory perception"

 September 20 Yuhong Jiang, Psychology
"Decision making in human parietal cortex."
 September 13

Jürgen Konczak, Kinesiology
"Body awareness in basal ganglia disease"

Link to Sensorimotor Lab for background information:

 September 6

Apostolos Georgopoulos Director, Center for Cognitive Sciences
"Gender Differences in Neural Processing Efficiency"