University Relations

Spring 2008 Colloquia

May 8

Scott Sponheim, Mental Health and Brain Sciences Center, VAMC
"Tracking Effects of the COMT Gene in the Symptoms, Cognition, and Neural Function of Schizophrenia"


May 1

Phil Zelazo, Child Development
"Does consciousness develop?"

April 24

David J. Rhees, Executive Director, The Bakken
“The Body Electric: From Electric Fish to the Brain Pacemaker”

April 17

Jeremy Wolfe, Harvard Medical School
"Visual Search: Is it a matter of life and death?"

April 10

John Peponis, Georgia Institute of Technology
"The intelligence of layouts"

March 27

Sheng He, Psychology
"Conscious and unconscious visual processing of faces, body movements, tools and words"

March 13

David Redish, Neuroscience
"Exploring the neurophysiology of the decision-making machine- implications for addiction"

March 6

Linda Smith, Dept. of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University
"Weird loops: From object recognition to symbolic play to learning nouns and back"

February 28

Jason Ford, UMD Philosophy
"Saving Time: How Attention Explains the Utility of Supposedly Superfluous Representations"

February 21

Melissa Koenig, Child Development
"Children's trust in testimony: The roles of induction and social cognition"

February 14

Chad Marsolek, Psychology
"Identifying objects impairs knowledge of other objects"

February 7

Ross Flom, Brigham Young University
"Intersensory Redundancy: Its Role in Early Learning and Memory"

 January 24

Herb Pick
, Child Development
"Optical Flow in the Calibration and Regulation of Locomotion"

 January 31

Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
"Camera Networks for Security Applications"