University Relations

Fall 2009 Colloquia

September 10
  Wayne McGregor (Random Dance)
Matt Chafee (UMN)
"Choreographing the Brain" (Nolte 125)
Co-sponsor: Institute for Advanced Study
September 17
  Wilson Geisler (University of Texas)
"Natural Systems Analysis"
September 25
  "Aging: Aspirations and Applications"
Friday at the Weisman Art Museum
October 1
  Aldo Rustichini
"Truckers in Green Bay, traders in the City: what I have learned on Intelligence, economic preferences and personality."
October 8
  Kathleen Dianne Vohs (UMN)
Institute for Research in Marketing
"A Limited-Resource Model of Self-Control"
October 15
  Mary Kennedy (UMN)
Speech Language Hearing Sciences
"Integrating Metacognitive Research Findings into the Cognitive Rehabilitation of Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury"
October 22
  Bernard Mettler (UMN)
Aerospace, Engineering, & Mechanics
Agile Vehicle Control and Spatial Behavior: Relating Control Principles to Cognitive Dimensions
October 29

Wade Savage (UMN)
Center for Cognitive Science
"Wittgenstein on ambiguous figures"

Paul Schrater
Psychology & Computer Science
November 5
Keisha Varma (UMN)
Educational Psychology
"Assessing Students´ Understanding of Concepts, Mechanism, and Experimentation"
November 12
  Angus MacDonald III (UMN)
"Mechanisms Underlying the Happiness Set-Point: Personality and Gain- Loss Sensitivity"
November 19
  Maria Sera (UMN)
Institute for Child Development
"A Connectionist Approach to Understanding the Dynamics Between Language and Cognition: Learning Classifiers and Categories"
December 3
  Scott Lewis
Brain Sciences Center (UMN)
"Brain mechanisms of cognitive processing: high-field fMRI studies during geometrical shape copying and mental maze solving."
December 10
  Jeff Engelmann (UMN)
"Emotion-modulated startle as a translational model of tobacco dependence"