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Victoria Interrante, PhD
Computer Science & Engineering

Associate Director
Jeanette Gundel, PhD
Professor, Linguistics



The Center's graduate and undergraduate programs of training and research have been supported by a number of agencies, including:

The National Institute of Child Health and Development

The National Science Foundation
Research grants held by Center faculty

The Center has received important funding support from University of Minnesota offices, schools and colleges, including:

The Graduate School

The College of Liberal Arts

Office of the Vice President for Research

Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

Member Institutions


About the Center

We are an interdisciplinary research center serving as the foundation for research in the cognitive sciences at the University of Minnesota.  Our members represent 24 University departments and 9 colleges.  The Center originated in the 1960's as a meeting ground for faculty and students with interests in cognitive science.

The Center's primary mission continues to be the facilitation of interdisciplinary research and teaching in cognitive science.   The Center provides its members with opportunities to share their insights on recent advances and develop interdisciplinary research collaborations. As the field of cognitive science has emerged, the Center has evolved as the interdisciplinary cognitive sciences center of the University of Minnesota.

Educational Programs

The Center administers a graduate major (PhD) and graduate minor in Cognitive Sciences.  It is also the home of a competitive pre-doctoral training program, drawing trainees from multiple departments at the University of Minnesota.  At the undergraduate level, the Center houses the Undergraduate Research Program in Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences, which offers undergraduates from universities across the country the opportunity to participate in a research-intensive summer program.

Research events

The Center hosts a variety of events each year to encourage the interchange of knowledge and emerging research.  Participants are drawn from a broad range of disciplines and include students and faculty from on campus as well as experts from other institutions around the world.

Colloquium series

The Center supports a colloquium series throughout the school year.  Colloquia feature members of the Center and visiting speakers.

Cognitive Critique

The Center's journal is devoted to perspectives, connections, reviews, controversies, and commentaries in the broad, interdisciplinary field of the cognitive sciences.

Center Governance and Membership

The Executive Council, which meets monthly, is made up of elected representatives from the pre-doctoral, post-doctoral, and faculty membership, as well as committee chairs.
The Center members are pre-doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty at the University of Minnesota.  Affiliated scientists from academe and industry also participate in the life of the Center.  To become a member, see Membership

Updated October 2, 2018