University Relations

Spring 2019 - Thursdays - 12:00 to 1:00 pm - Elliott Hall S204


February 21
We will meet to discuss the article, "Cognitive? Science?" by Serrano et al. Lunch will be provided.

Abstract. Cognitive Science is a promising field of research that deals with one of the most fundamental questions ever: how do beings know? However, despite the long and extensive tradition of the field it has not yet become an area of knowledge with scientific identity. This is primarily due to three reasons: the lack of boundaries in defining the object of study, i.e. cognition, the lack of a precise, robust and consistent scientific methodology and results, and the inner problems derived from its interdisciplinary nature. This paper presents a background review, a theoretical frame and a humble reflection on these topics in order to arouse the internal debate among readers once more.


February 14
We will again discuss topics for journal articles for the semester.


February 7
Cancelled due to severe weather.


January 31
We will discuss topics and themes of journal articles to be selected for Spring 2019 discussion sessions. Lunch will be provided.