University Relations

Spring 2017 - Mondays - 12:00 to 1:00 pm - Elliott Hall S204

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March 27

Guinote, A. (2007). Power affects basic cognition: Increased attentional inhibition and flexibility. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 43(5), 685–697.

Lunch will be provided.


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January 30

Hollender, Nina, Cristian Hofmann, Michael Deneke, and Bernhard Schmitz. 2010. "Integrating Cognitive Load Theory and Concepts of Human–computer Interaction. Computers in Human Behavior 26(6):1278–88."

January 23

This first meeting will be a discussion about what articles to read over the spring semester. Please come with some ideas for journal articles. Lunch will be provided.

February 6

Liang, Yuhua (Jake), Seungcheol Austin Lee, and Jeong-woo Jang. 2013. “Mindlessness and Gaining Compliance in Computer-Human Interaction.” Computers in Human Behavior 29(4):1572–79.

February 13

Winograd, Terry (2001) "Architectures for Context", J Human-Computer Interaction 6, 2 401-419

February 20

Yin Wang and Susanne Quadflieg, 2015 "In our own image? Emotional and neural processing differences when observing human-human vs. human-robot interactions" SCAN 10,1515-1524

February 27

"Tripping up addiction: the use of psychedelic drugs in the treatment of problematic drug and alcohol use" by Celia Morgan, Amy McAndrew, Tobias Stevens, David Nutt and and Will Lawn.

March 6

Spicer, A. (2016). Stupefied: How organisations enshrine collective stupidity and employees are rewarded for checking their brains at the office door. Aeon Essays

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