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spring research day

Spring Research Day 2011

Jacqueline Fulvio "Task Control Limits Model Learning"
Sabine Doebel "Preschoolers Detect Logical Inconsistency"
Adam Steiner "Orbitofrontal Cortex Activity During a Multiple-T Task"
Tony Mayo "Postural Effects of the Horizon on Land and at Sea"
Yawen Yu "Postural Sway and Visual Performance in Women With and Without Morning Sickness in Pregnancy"
Yi-Chou Chen "Control of a Virtual Avatar Influences Postural Activity and Motion Sickness"
Fu-Chen Chen "Postural Responses to Suprapostural Perceptual and Cognitive Tasks in Children With and Without Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)"
Fu-Chen Chen "Posture and the Performance of a Precision Visual Task at Sea"
Brock Dubbels "Embodiment Theory's Contribution to Reading Comprehension and Problem Solving"
Samuel Haag "Changes in Postural Motion and Heart Rate Responses in a Golf Putting Competition"
Amanda Hodel "Effects of Duration of Early Deprivation on Brain Development in Post-Institutionalized Youth"
Raquel Gabbitas "Early Deprivation BDNF Genotype and Executive Function in Post-Institutionalized Youth"
Shawn Green "Model-Based Decision Making in Human Observers"
Shane Hoversten "Fun and the Information Frontier"

Updated April 27, 2015