University Relations

Graduate Student Research Day 2005

12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Friday, March 11, 2005
Mississippi Room, Coffman Memorial Union
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities


Vaughn R. Steele
Effects of Alcohol on Event-Related Potentials Elicited During an Inference-Based Comprehension Task

Mike Blank
Visual Paired Comparison: Evidence for Dissociations between Looking Time and Explicit Memory

Cedrick Bonnet
Conceptual Structure of a Perception-Action Theory

Sing-Hang Cheung
Retinotopic-Specific Reorganization of Visual Cortex for Reading Braille and Print

Becky Deason
Word-to-Object Anti-Priming: Are Visual Word and Visual Object Representations Functionally Superimposed?

Dan Johnson
Perceptual Judgment of Action Capabilities in Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder

Pani Kendeou
Comprehension of Refutation Texts: A Simulation using the Landscape Model

Yasmine Lauren Konheim
Extrinsic Motivation on Cognitive Processes in Reading

Leif Stennes
Development in Comprehension of Stories by Preschoolers

Angela Lukowski
The Effect of Reference Technique on Amplitude and Latency Measures in Infant ERP Research: Qualitative and Quantitative Comparisons

Brock Dubbels
Analyzing Purposes and Engagement through Think-Aloud Protocols in Video Game Playing

Alvina Kittur
Negative Affect and Memory for Emotional Scenes

Susan Park
Specificity of Memory for Emotion Provoking Scenes: Picture Perfect or Picture Imperfect?

Jennifer Willcutt
Lexical Decision as a Reading Fluency Measure

Tony Wilson
Time Course of Left Perisylvian Cortices Indicates Phonological Decoding Operations

Leh Woon Mok
The Role of Semantic Transparency in Chinese Compound Word Representation

Chin-Mei Yang (Melvin)
Affordance Learning in Wheelchairs

Deyue Yu
Does Perceptual Learning Improve Reading Speed in Peripheral Vision of Normally Sighted Older Adults?

Serena Thompson
Relative Contrast and its Effect on Visual Saliency

Amy Kalia
Learning Virtual Buildings with Low Vision: Do Realistic Visual Details Help or Hinder?


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