University Relations
spring research day

photo of Keith Holyoak and Matthew Botvinick
9:00am - 4:00pm, President's Room, Coffman Memorial Union

Featuring invited talks by Keith Holyoak (UCLA) and Matthew Botvinick (Princeton), along with posters and talks by graduate students in the field of cognitive science.



Katie Broadwell


Erin Casey

Do you know what she knows?  Theory of mind in homeless/ highly mobile children

Thomas Christie

Sparse non-negative matrix factorization for feature selection and survival analysis

Sabine Doebel

Bottom-up and top-down dynamics in young children’s executive function: Effects of labeling on the Dimensional Change Card Sort

Brock Dubbles

Video games promote superior comprehension and problem solving: Scaffolding event indexing through embodied practice and distributed cognition

Chelsea Hetherington

Reducing an in-group bias in preschool children: The impact of moral behavior

Rowena Ng

Sociocommunicative development in maltreating mothers and children

Emily Ostergaard

Less is more: A combination of executive function and numerical concepts

Sofia Sakellaridi

Brain mechanisms underlying the exploration of small city maps

Elizabeth Stephens

Preschoolers' word learning from inaccurate speakers: Do they consider a speaker's reasons?

Scott Warren




Updated April 27, 2015