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Spring Research Day 2012

photo of Josh Tenenbaumphoto of Lawrence Barsalou

Friday, April 27th, 2012
President's Room, Coffman Memorial Union
Featuring invited talks by Josh Tenenbaum (MIT) and Mauricio Delgado (Rutgers) and presentations of cutting edge research by graduate students in the cognitive sciences.


photo of Thomas Christie Thomas Christie
Prosody toolkit: integrating HTK, Praat and WEKA
photo of Sherryse Corrow Jordan Mathison, Sherryse Corrow, & AlbertYonas
Developmental prosopagnosia in children: a case study of improvement in face recognition as a result of training
photo of Nicole Scott Nicole Scott
Cognitive and developmental correlates of spatial reasoning
goldy Angela Qin
The effects of nature versus urban interventions on mood and long-term memory after a sustained directed attention task
photo of Elisa Esposito Elisa Esposito
photo of James Benhardus James Benhardus
Natural music statistics: mathematical regularities in musical compositions
photo of Dustin Meriwether Dustin Meriwether
photo of Anthony Mayo Anthony Mayo and Herbert Pick Jr.
Role of visual information on rotational stepping behavior
goldy Joanna Trask, Brenton McMenamin, & Chad Marsole
Hemispheric asymmetries in antipriming and object similarity
photo of Adam Steiner Adam Steiner
The road not taken: neural correlates of decision-making in OFC

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