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Graduate Student Research Day 2006

Thursday, March 9, 9:00 - 5:00
Mississippi Room, Coffman Memorial Union
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities


Cedrick T. Bonnet, T. A. Stoffregen, E. Faugloire, B. G. Bardy, & M. A. Riley
Motion sickness preceded by unstable control of stance

Mike Blank
Making a “picture perfect” memory: How do affective responses to emotion provoking scenes affect the visual specificity of subsequent memory?

Sarah E. Carlson
The Effects of text structure on the processing of expository text

Benjamin J. Chihak
A bi-modal assessment of a two-component model of recalibration

Rebecca Deason
Can event-related potentials reveal differential timing for visual object priming and anti-priming?

Alvina Kittur
ERP correlates of visually specific memory for emotional and non-emotional pictures

Bruno Mantel, Benoit G. Bardy & Thomas A. Stoffregen
Intermodal specification of egocentric distance in a target reaching task

Susan J. Park
Detection of neural correlates in gender-stereotyping 

Patrick Rothwell
Probing the relationship between acute opiate withdrawal and incentive sensitization

Vaughn Steele
Conflict and resolution in semantic processes underlying comprehension: An ERP time frequency analysis

The Center for Cognitive Sciences’ Graduate Student Research Day is funded by:
Center for Cognitive Sciences, NIH Interdisciplinary Training Program in Cognitive Science, and the College of Liberal Arts

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