University Relations

Spring Research Day 2009

mcnamara center9:00 - 4:30, Friday, March 27
A.I. Johnson Great Room
McNamara Alumni Center
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN



1. Daniel Acuna: "People's skill acquisition and performance on the traveling salesman problem"

2. Aman J, Lu C & Konczak J: “Integrating visuo-haptic information during object size judgment tasks”

3. Rachael Blackman: “Effect of competing stimuli in a spatial categorization task as a means to study the cognitive deficits observed in schizophrenia”

4. Carlson SE, van den Broek P, McMaster K, White MJ, Bohn-Gettler CM, Kendeou P & Rapp D: “Understanding inferences generated by early grade school student during a reading and causal questioning activity”

5. Jiva Dimova: “Odor cues associated with withdrawal from acute morphine administration potentiate the acoustic startle reflex in rats”

6. Linus Holm: “Information selection in object recognition: An ideal observer analysis of eye movements”

7. Shikha Jain: "Neural basis of executive control in spatial cognition"

8. Kong Z & Mettler B: “Cognition of spatio-dynamic behavior: Perspective from optimal control principles”

9. Kong Z & Mettler B: “Trajectories in human helicopter guidance: Tau-Coupling vs. optimal control 10. Miriam Krause: "Processing speed and masking release in adults with traumatic brain injury"

11. Julia Manor: “Remember when: The search for episodic-like memory in pigeons”

12. Amber Martin: “Age of acquisition effects of American Sign Language on mental rotation”

13. Brenton McMenamin: “The diagnosticity of color for emotional objects”

14. Porter JN, Muetzel RL, Collins PF, Lim KO & Luciana M: "A multimodal neuroimaging investigation of structural brain changes underlying verbal fluency performance across adolescence"

15. Katrina Schleisman: “Does long-term semantic priming actually reflect antipriming?”

16. Blaine Schneider: "The neural basis of precisely timed behavior: Firing activity in LIP"

17. Seipel B & van den Broek P: "Where readers look when reading new words"

18. Chuck Stieg: "Neuroethical considerations regarding transcranial magnetic stimulation"

19. Swallow KM, Makovski T & Jiang YV: "The attentional boost effect"

20. Lily Sun: “Insight into the matter: Testing alternative accounts of enhanced insight performance and the validity of an individual differences model”

21. Ken Yoshida: “"Microslips in a manula placing task"

22. Yu Y, Fung Z & Stoffregen T: “How locomotion and posture contribute to affordance perception?”


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