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FALL 2018 Course Announcements

CPSY 8360: The Neuroscience of Resilience (2-3 credits)

Kathleen Thomas, Institute of Child Development
Mondays, 2 — 4:30 p.m.

“How is it that some children successfully overcome severe life challenges to grow up competent and well-adjusted?” (Masten, 2014)

This question lies at the heart of developmental science research on resilience and has been the basis for a rich history of research in developmental psychopathology. However, the term resilience has been used to mean different things in different contexts, including neural plasticity, resistance to disease, recovery of function following injury, or basic immune adaptation.

In this doctoral seminar, students will:

  • Discuss multidisciplinary approaches to the topic of resilience, with an emphasis on joining psychological and neurobiological notions of resilience to better understand the impacts of adversity on human development.
  • Examine existing literature on the neuroscience of resilience to assess the relevance of such approaches to understanding developmental trajectories more generally.
  • Evaluate putative biological mechanisms underlying prevention and intervention efforts to promote positive development. Neuroscience training is not a prerequisite for this course, but readings will include primary research articles using neurobiological and neuroimaging methods.

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Updated April 13, 2018