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FALL 2017 Colloquia

Mondays, 12:00 - 1:30 pm, Elliott N219 - (New day of the week, time and room for Fall 2017)

Cheryl OlmanOctober 16

Cheryl Olman (Olman Lab)

"What do we expect from fMRI?"

Functional MRI is clearly a useful tool in neuroscience, and the data are a great deal of fun to acquire and analyze. In the last 5 years, it has become routine to acquire images with sub-millimeter resolution over large enough swaths of cortex to be actually useful for a range of cognitive and perceptual questions. While these developments are exciting and encouraging, scrutiny of standard data acquisition, analysis and interpretation procedures does raise questions about what the data can really tell us about the underlying neural responses we want to understand. This presentation will be essentially a guided discussion -- I will present beautiful images and recent results from fMRI research and we will have a frank discussion about what we think fMRI is useful for, what kinds of information we think fMRI will never be able to access, and what caveats we should bear in mind as we read the literature.


40th Minnesota Symposium on Child Psychology

Thursday - Friday, October 19 - 20, 2017 | 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Cowles Auditorium, Hubert Humphrey Center

The Minnesota Symposium on Child Psychology is a biennial meeting on a selected current topic in the study of developmental psychology. For the 2017 symposium, the topic will be Human Communication: Origins, Mechanisms and Functions.

During the event, hear lectures from leading scholars, students, and practitioners in developmental psychology. Topics will include infants' social learning, the plasticity of newborn speech perception, and symbolic systems as explanations of perception.

View a draft program schedule.

All lectures are free and open to the public. No CE credits are given for these events.

Please RSVP to Delores Mordorski: or 612-624-0317

October 13, 2017ober 12, 2017